Spicy & Citrusy

A beautiful quintuple-distilled made in the centre of London. This is made with 12 botanicals as well as good quality grain spirit. Ish London Dry Gin is great in a Martini!

ABV 41%
Was £5.95 Now £4.95
Wedge of orange,indian Feevertree.
Dry and Aromatic
Adnams Copperhouse

Adnams have been established since 1872 but were only brewing beer, until now (or 2010) where they have been busy with vodka, whiskey and most importantly gin. With everything made in house from "grain to glass" everything works together brilliantly, cardamom and herbiscus giving the initial burst of fragrance with the orange and juniper working together making a refreshingly savoury flavour profile.

ABV 40%
Was £6.95 Now £5.95
Cardamom pods Lime and mediterranean Feevertree
Larks Tasmanian God Father

Lark is very light and fresh gin, smelling it is like a taking a deep breath in Hobart on a chilly morning, and that’s just how I like my London Drys.

On the palate it is lemony and peppery with a light juniper base flavour. It’s bone dry and lightly spicy.

ABV 40%
Was £7.95 Now £6.95
Served with lemon & thyme, Meddeterainian Fevertree tonic and ice
Dry & Citrusy
Hunters Cheshire Gin

It is a Premium gin based on a 300-year-old recipe, bottled at 43.3% that makes for a sublime gin with subtle citrus overtones and a spicy fruit edge. Hunters Cheshire Gin was conceived in Cheshire and is made in England – the home of London Dry Gin, by traditional Gin Distillers at the Langley Distillery.

ABV 43.3%
Wedge of Lemon & indian FeverTree
Floral & Aromatic
Copper Head Black

Along with the original recipe from Copperhead gin, this version also incorporates elderberry and black Ceylon tea into it's botanical makeup. The result, a deeper and richer, more aromatic makeup.

ABV 42%
Was £5.95 Now £4.95
Thyme and mediterranean Feevertree
Citrus & Fruity.

Not your grandfather’s gin. BULLDOG Gin is a multi-award winning and small batch product, though not often seen it's been synonymous with quality since its arrival onto the market in 2006. 

ABV 40%
Was £5.95 Now £4.95
Lime and Berries with light Feevertree.
5th Fire

The aromas, flavours, and colours of 5th Earth Gin are obtained through a natural process. It is infused with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries to obtain a generous aroma of red fruits. Ideal for those who are not initiated in the ritual of a Gin and Tonic or for those that look for adventurous flavours.

ABV 42%
Served with berries and 1724 tonic.
Sacred Cardommon

To create their Cardamom Gin, the distillers at Sacred in Highgate steep green Guatemalan Cardamom pods in English grain spirit, which is then re-distilled.

ABV 43.8%
Was £5.95 Now £4.95
Orange peel and Cardamom pods
Spicy Floral and Dry

Loopuyt Dry Gin is produced in the Netherlands using a combination of 12 botanicals, with their quantities carefully considered to ensure a well-balanced flavour profile.

ABV 45.1%
Was £9.95 Now £7.95
Served with lime & lemongrass, Meddeterainian Fevertree tonic and ice
Light & Dry
Black Zephyr

Named for the God of the west wind, Black Zephyr is designed to encapsulate fresh summer scents by using elderberry, calamus and elderflower. The perfect chill' G&T.

ABV 40%
Was £5.95 Now £4.95
Lime and elderflower Feevertree


Anty Gin

A joint venture between experimental Copenhagen-based Nordic Food Lab and the world’s first gin tailor, The Cambridge Distillery, has introduced a new and somewhat different gin to the market. Now officially recognised as the world’s most innovative alcoholic beverage!

ABV 42%
Served with Fever Tree tonic, lemon zest, cardamon pods, juniper berrys and ice
Studer Swiss Gold

Studer Swiss Gold is the purest spring water from the Swiss Alps. Botanists used are among others juniper, lemon grass, angelica, pepper, lavender, coriander and ginger. Studer Swiss Gold Gin comes in a beautiful spherical bottle which is represented inside the Matterhorn, iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps. To make this gin exquisite, gold flakes were added to 22 Karat.

ABV 40%
Served with Fever Tree tonic, lemon zest, cardamon pods, juniper berrys and ice

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